Friday 2 November 2012


Car 1, Sebastian Vettel

“I think we can be happy with today. Overall we got a good lap on the soft tyres, but in general pace the McLaren’s were quick and seem competitive, so they’re the ones we need to look out for and beat. We need to improve the car overnight to qualify as high as we can tomorrow.”

Car 2, Mark Webber

“We had a KERS issue, which wasn’t the same as last week. It never helps to miss some running on the track during practice, but it’s not a big deal. The track will move around a little bit from where it is now, but not a huge amount; it’s in pretty good shape straightaway. We’ll get it fixed tonight and come back tomorrow.”



First Practice Session

Position: 3, Best Time: 1:44.050, Laps: 23

Second Practice Session

Position: 1, Best Time: 1:41.751, Laps: 34


First Practice Session

Position: 5, Best Time: 1:44.542, Laps: 22

Second Practice Session

Position: 4, Best Time: 1:42.466, Laps: 21


Racing in Formula One is truly a team effort and as such our championship challenge bears the signature of every department of Red Bull Racing, from reception to race track. But just how does each section of the factory contribute to the final result? This race we head for the land of the VIPs to see how the other half lives thanks to our…

Hospitality Team (Paddock Club)

People think: They wine and dine sponsor guests and do the odd garage tour

What they actually do is: Look after thousands of guests each season from a wide variety of team partners, sponsors and local markets. The hospitality team’s job starts by making sure that all the guests over a race weekend have exactly the right transfers, passes and tickets to guarantee a smooth arrival at the team’s Paddock Club suite. The suite, which here is above the garage, provides a platform for the team’s account managers and marketing personnel to entertain guests and give them a complete insiders’ view of what happens over a Formula One weekend. That includes presenting display items such as steering wheels, racing helmets and racesuits, to informing guests how the timing screens work and what’s happening in each session. The Paddock Club Hospitality team co-ordinates garage tours for guests, and there can be as many as 60 tours conducted over a race weekend. The hospitality team also organise Q&As over a race weekend where guests can pose racing questions to senior team personnel, including Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and Christian Horner. The work also includes co-ordinating guest functions and dinners at the Energy Station and organising evening functions for particular guests at each race. Away from races the team looks after hospitality at the factory in Milton Keynes, where it organises factory tours and also at tests where, as at races, they make sure that all guests have the right access at the right time and leave with a thorough understanding of how a Formula One team goes about its racing business. Here in Abu Dhabi the team will host 320 visitors, while for the next race in Austin, the team’s expecting its busiest weekend of the season with more than 450 guests expected to attend.