Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing

Saturday 21 July 2012­


Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: 2nd, (3rd Practice – P6, 1:16.475)

“The track was best at the end of the session, which is when we got our best times. In these conditions it’s extremely difficult, as you can lose the car through the rivers on the track. I lost some time running into Mark at the end of one lap, but it’s very difficult in these conditions and you can’t see anything in the mirrors. I think we had the pace today to put the car on pole – so we need to look at what Fernando did with his strategy. But it can be a lottery when the weather’s like that and fortunately we didn’t lose the car, which is good and I’m starting on the front line tomorrow. We are being consistent at the moment, which is the key.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Position: 3rd, (3rd Practice – P5, 1:16.447)

“It was tricky for us and we had dodgy conditions on track. When you know you’re getting a five place penalty, it’s easy not to get it right but I’m very happy to finish today quite far way up. We did some good laps and got a good result. Fernando stopped for fresh tyres, which maybe we could have done, but should-have, could-have would-have, we got third and that’s good – even with the penalty. I’m looking forward to the race and to moving up the grid. We can do a lot from eighth. We’ve shown the car is strong in all conditions and we will be looking to come through the field.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER: “It was very tricky conditions today and second and third is a very positive result, despite the fact that Mark unfortunately has to take a five-place penalty, which will put him eighth on the grid. Nonetheless, for Sebastian to be starting on the front row at his home race and Mark to be eighth on a track where overtaking is possible, will make for a really exciting race.”

(Renault) CYRIL DUMONT: “Today was a bit like Silverstone – you could lose a lot, so to finish second and third is a good result. Under these conditions, the later you went out on track, the faster the time, so it’s never easy. In terms of the engine, the drivability is quite important in the wet, so we have been working that this weekend and it seems to be a bit better. We will see tomorrow.”


A Formula One team is all about the people, but away from the racing what makes our team members tick? This race, Team Principal Christian Horner reveals that he’s lightning on a lawnmower and that his dream dinner would be a very serious occasion…

How do you relax outside of F1? What’s your idea of a perfect day off?

The perfect day off for me is being at home. I live in the countryside, not too far from Silverstone, and I just enjoy spending time there, especially if it’s nice outside. We have quite a few animals, so it’s nice just to spend time there and chill out.

Do you have a favourite animal?

Of course I don’t! We’ve got 14 ducks and last week two more ducklings arrived. We’ve got 16 chickens, three dogs, and two donkeys. I think that’s about enough for now.

Is there one thing aside from your job that you think you’re really good at?

I’m not bad on the lawnmower! I don’t know… you don’t get a lot of down time in Formula One. I enjoy playing tennis, but I wouldn’t say I was particularly good at it. I do have a private pilot’s licence for helicopters, which is something I enjoy.

If you were having a dinner party, which three people would you invite?

I reckon [mayor of London] Boris Johnson would be quite good fun. Then Winston Churchill and lastly a lady: Margaret Thatcher. Let’s make it a political evening, very lighthearted!

If you weren’t working in the field you are in, what would you be doing?

I have no idea. I grew up in the sport. I started life as a driver and then turned my focus to management. I never had a ‘proper’ job. I did a deal with my parents when I left school at 18 to not go to university but to take one year out. So far I haven’t been [to university], so hopefully I’ve avoided it for good now.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I was once told ‘Don’t f*** it up’ by Bernie Ecclestone!