Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing


Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Position: 2nd, (3rd Practice – P10, 1:16.219)

“It was a strong day, particularly this afternoon. It’s normal around here that the momentum has got to
build before qualifying and then you have to start putting it all together and the guys did a really good
job on the car. I felt comfortable, which is important, you need to go to the absolute limit everywhere to
get the maximum out of the car and squeeze everything you can. It’s a great effort from the whole
team; we had a lot to do on Thursday night, but the team reacted really well. It’s Michael’s day and he
did a great lap, but we are right there and will have a good race tomorrow. It’s been a happy hunting
ground for me in the past – Monaco is a very special, unique challenge for the drivers.”

Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: 10th, (3rd Practice – P3, 1:15.209)

“It was a bit mixed up for me. It was looking very good this morning, but then I think we took a step in
the wrong direction and ended up with a difficult car for qualifying. It’s a bit of a disappointment, as
Mark showed what the car can do around here, so we’ll see what we can do tomorrow. It’s Monaco
and everything is possible here. We could be on a different strategy tomorrow as we’re able to start
the race on hard tyres, slightly different to the cars ahead, so we’ll see how the first stint goes and go
from there. It’s hard to predict, as it’s a long race.”

“A very interesting qualifying. Mark looked competitive in all three sessions
and had a great last lap where he made up a lot of time in the last two sectors to take second place,
which will become pole with Michael’s penalty. It was a great performance by Mark and it’s the best
possible place to be starting the Monaco GP from. Sebastian appeared to struggle for pace through
qualifying. He was never particularly happy with the car compared to this morning, which required him
to run on options in Q1. He progressed through to Q3 on his second set of options, but based on what
we could see pace-wise, we felt that it was better for us to have freedom of tyre choice to start the race
tomorrow. So, he carries a new set of options into the race, plus primes, so hopefully that gives some
good strategic options.”

“Fantastic! Like the last two years, a Red Bull will start from pole
position at the Monaco GP. It’s really good for Mark, he did a really solid lap, so congratulations to
him. For Seb, it was a bit more difficult. He struggled to get a good lap in and so we decided to put
him on the harder tyres for Q3, in order to have the option to start the race on either tyre tomorrow. It
makes the start wide open and should be an interesting race.”


Racing in Formula One is a team effort and as such the RB8 bears the signature of every department of
Red Bull Racing. Thelma Spragg has been our receptionist since the start, but will soon retire. As she
prepares to leave us, she looks back on some of her best memories:
David Coulthard’s third place: Monaco 2006: When the trophies come back, the first thing I
do is wash them. As you can imagine they’re covered in champagne. That race was fantastic. It was so
exciting that I couldn’t watch the last 10 laps because I was in such a state.
The people I’ve met: I’ve always love the fact that you never know who’ll walk through the door. I
loved meeting the Olympic sports stars – we had the rower James Cracknell and the sprinters Darren
Campbell and Jason Gardener visit us. We also get a lot of motor racing royalty as well; I really
enjoyed meeting Mario Andretti for example.
Team’s first win with Sebastian Vettel: China 2009: Our first win, and a one-two for
Sebastian and Mark. It was incredible. The reception area, where our trophies are kept, was very full
when the trophies came back. Let’s just say I hugged a lot of men that morning!
Mark Webber’s first race win: Germany 2009: Mark’s first win was very special for the whole
team as he’d been with us a while. I remember when he came back to the factory, he went into the
design office and everybody gave him standing ovation. That was quite emotional.
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The Singapore GP and our first title win, 2010: The Championship win was an incredible
achievement. However, a highlight of that year for me was that a few races before we won the title I
was asked to do a baggage run to the Singapore GP. I took out some suitcases and a packing crate
and got to spend most of the weekend in the garage, which was amazing. It was the first time I’d ever
been to a race. I’d been to Silverstone for qualifying but I’d never seen a race live before.
Thelma adds: “For me the whole eight years has been a privilege. I’m a lucky woman and have had
the best job in the world. To be a World Champion is incredible. How many people can say that? And
I think we are all World Champions in the team. After all, this is a real team effort.”