Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing

Saturday 17 March 2012­


Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Position: 5th, (3rd Practice – P3, 1:25.900)

“We knew there were some quick guys out there – McLaren and Mercedes especially and Roman did well too. Everyone always thinks we have special bits to keep coming back, but this year it’s opened right up. I didn’t have KERS at the end of the session, which affects your rhythm during qualifying – it’s a shame as it’s been faultless all winter. I’m pleased with my lap in Q3. We can still get on the podium tomorrow, but we have some fast cars around us, no question about it.”

Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: 6th, (3rd Practice – P7, 1:26.211)

“It’s the first qualifying of the year, so it’s always difficult to know what to expect, but I think what we saw today was not a surprise, the lap times were close. We would have loved to have been closer to the front, but in Q3 I wasn’t happy with my lap. I made a mistake at the beginning and lost some time, so that was down to me. I could have been one or two places higher, but that’s how it goes. We are not starting at the front, but we are not starting at the back either, so it’s far from disastrous and regarding the car we know what we need to do. We have a long race ahead of us tomorrow and a lot of opportunities, so I’m looking forward to it.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER: “Mark lost his KERS going into Q3, which is the first KERS problem we have had all winter. It’s unfortunate that it had to strike at the most critical time of qualifying but, nonetheless, he did an excellent lap to record the fifth fastest time. Sebastian never seemed to really find the pace in the car that seemed to be there this morning, so we have plenty to look at this evening. Fifth and sixth is far from a disaster and with the double DRS zones available this year, I’m sure we can be in better shape tomorrow afternoon.”

(Renault) CYRIL DUMONT: “First of all we’re pleased to be back on track, but of course we would have preferred to be in a higher position for tomorrow. Apologies to Mark who suffered from a KERS issue during qualifying; he could have been P2 or P3, so it’s a big shame. For Seb we were not able to be in a better position, maybe he suffered from the lack of running this morning. It’s the first race tomorrow and many things can happen – so we’ll see what we can do.”


Racing in Formula One is a team effort and the RB8 bears the signature of every department of Red Bull Racing, from reception to race track. But just how does each section of the factory contribute?


People think that: they are slaves to bureaucracy, red tape and are always the bearers of bad news. But contrary to popular belief they DO know that we “make cars here love”. The ladies of the Facilities team also have over 48 years combined Formula One experience – most of which is spent listening to men explaining just how wonderful they are at building the cars!

What they actually do: is manage all the maintenance contracts and service our four sites, including three at Milton Keynes and the wind tunnel facility at Bedford, UK. They also serve over 100 breakfasts and 500 cups of coffee per day and manage 45 contractors, the utilities, the grounds and security. They also service 54 toilets, bless them! They care about our safety, manage the fire alarms and fix things when we break them. They deliver our post, empty our bins and stock up the Red Bull when it runs low. So, thank you Facilities!