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Q and A with Lewis Hamilton

2011 Spanish Grand Prix

What are your hopes for the Spanish Grand Prix?

The aim is to win; that’s always my aim. We’ve got to beat Red Bull to do that because they still have the best car, but my car is improving every race. I think I can do well.

How will the test sessions at the Circuit de Catalunya over the winter help you?

The last time I drove at Barcelona, I was tiptoeing around because the car had no grip. I’ve got downforce now and I’ll be much more competitive at the race.

How is your relationship with the Spanish fans?

The crowd is very patriotic in its support of Fernando, but the support I get from the fans improves every year. I feel comfortable there and I like the track because I’ve had some good races there.

How do you get on with Fernando Alonso?

Our relationship is pretty good. There’s mutual respect between us. He’s got some serious talent and some serious pace. If all the cars were the same, I think he would be my main rival. He’s a very, very quick driver, but he’s not impossible to beat. No-one is.

What about Jenson Button? Is he one of the best drivers on the grid?

To be a good driver, it’s not only about speed. It’s about your presence in the team, it’s about the comments that you make, it’s about your persona and your behaviour when you win and when you lose. Jenson is definitely the best overall package that I’ve been up against.

Your brother Nic is racing now. How does it feel to have a brother who’s a racing driver?

I’m passionate about his racing and I’m trying to support him in every way I can. I try to explain things to him, but it’s very difficult to apply what people say when you’re out on-track. If I tell him to brake five metres later somewhere, it’s hard to go out and actually do that.