TOCA has this morning issued the following technical bulletin to all its teams ahead of Oulton Park’s Dunlop MSA British Car Championship event on 4-5 June.

Following full analysis of technical data, input from teams/engine builders and taking into consideration other relevant results/information*, in accordance with Championship Regulations 1.1, 1.11.2.a, 1.11.2.b the Administrator has mandated that with effect for and from Round 10 of the 2011 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship;

1. The minimum weight for all S2000 NA FWD cars is reduced by 25kgs to 1145kgs

2. The minimum weight for all S2000 NA RWD cars is reduced by 10kgs to 1140kgs

3. Regulation is suspended; the first gear ratio for S2000 NA RWD cars is now free.

4. All registered cars running to Championship Regulation 5.2.23 are required to compete with a maximum boost pressure 0.05 bar lower than that permitted for each car on the TOCA Performance Monitoring Device at Rounds 7,8 & 9 (Thruxton). However the introduction of this revised boost limit remains suspended; the Administrator reserves the right to promptly implement this during the course of an event, if/when deemed required, given that the 24hr notice period provided-for in the regulations has now been communicated.

*Technical analysis and data reviewed by;

Paul Leeming, Chairman of the Engine Technical Review Panel.

Peter Riches, BTCC Technical Director.

Lee Owen, Owen Developments.