Team Lotus

JARNO TRULLI: “Obviously it’s a bit frustrating that the gearbox issue cut short my time on track this morning, but we’ve now got some time back in the factory to fix the problems so I’m looking forward to heading to Australia and begin the fight with the midfield teams.”

HEIKKI KOVALAINEN: “That was a pretty good afternoon for me. Jarno had some problems this morning with one of those things that’s hard to predict but the team managed to get it sorted for the afternoon and we were able to work through the whole plan. I can feel it coming together well – we’ll sort out the reliability and I think we are just where we want to be. 

MIKE GASCOYNE, CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER: “A difficult morning for Jarno with the gearbox change. We had put a new ‘box on overnight but saw a problem with it this morning so had to change it during the session. Unfortunately a water leak then meant that Jarno was not able to complete any real running, but this afternoon we made some real progress with Heikki. He was able to work through a program on the tyre options and the blown diffuser so after a tricky morning it was a very positive end to the day.”