After Mark Webber tested Chassis 02 for the first time yesterday, today it was Sebastian Vettel’s turn to steer the second RB7 through a test programme.

At the end of testing, Sebastian Vettel said: “It was a good day and a good time, although to be honest, it’s difficult to say where we are, as the lap times of the teams are all over the place. We’ve done a lot of laps again today, which is good. We have had no major problems with reliability throughout testing and the speed looks good as far as we can judge, but I think we have to wait until after Melbourne – maybe in Malaysia orChina – to really see where we are.”

As well as completing a series of long and short runs with the RB7 today, the team also completed a series of pit stop practices.

“It was good to have the race team here yesterday and today, to go through pit stop practices,” said Head of Race Engineering Ian Morgan. “Normally, we would do that once in pre-season testing but, as we lost a little time with the weather at the last test, this extra test was a good opportunity to get some more practice in ahead of Melbourne.

“As for the rest of today’s programme, it was much the same as yesterday. Seb did 112 laps without any real problems all day, which is gratifying. It’s always difficult though, to tell what your true position is until you start the season, but our pace looks good at the

Driver: Sebastian Vettel
Car: RB7 – 02
Laps: 112 laps
Best time: 1:21.865
Circuit length: 4.655km
Fastest lap: S. Vettel (1:21.865)

moment, which is promising.”