Mark Webber’s own drive sees him arrive in Valencia at the launch of the RB7 determined to improve on his excellent  performance last season.

“2010 was my best year in F1, with a lot of big boxes ticked along the way,” Mark said. “It was shame I didn’t manage to pull the Championship off, but it was still very rewarding to be competing for it until the very end.” Which means it’s not a case of ripping everything up and starting again, but rather getting better and better in all areas.

“There were many things that we did absolutely right last year and there’s no point in saying ‘we must change everything’,” he says. “You fix the small things that went missing along the way and match those to the good things that were achieved and that’s what hopefully makes you up your game.”

But, he realises that one of the major factors involved in Red Bull Racing’s continued success is the RB7 unveiled here this morning. But Webber also maintains Red Bull Racing has a key personnel advantage.

“We’ve seen in the last few years in F1 that they make big regulation changes every year and that’s something we, as a team, need to be on top of. In Adrian Newey, we’ve got someone who’s better able to roll with those kind of punches than almost anyone else in Formula One,” he adds. “He’s absolutely brilliant at interpreting new regulations and I think I’d rather have Adrian in our corner than almost anybody else.”

Mark’s first chance to get behind the wheel of the RB7 will be later this week for days three and four of the Valencia test. It will also his first chance to see how he and Pirelli get along.