For Christian Horner, his motivation and goals for The Red Bull Racing Formula One team lie back in his previous incarnation as team principal of Arden International.

“You’re always looking for the next thing,” he says. “I was thinking about this recently: in Formula 3000 I achieved a championship win in the same time frame as with Red Bull Racing. Then in F3000 I went on to win three titles in a row. I would dearly love to emulate that with this team. “We’ve joined some of the elite names, some of the great teams in Formula One and now we’re determined to build on that. We were the most successful team in F1 in 2010 and we want to consolidate that position and seek out even greater success.”

The realisation of that ambition is going to rely heavily on a combination of successful drivers and the RB7 revealed this morning. The former have already proved themselves…

“We are very lucky in that we have possibly the strongest driver line-up in on the grid,” he says. “Sebastian will go into 2011 as the youngest ever F1 champion and he will undoubtedly want to become the youngest double winner.

“Mark too had the season of his career,” he adds. “He won four races and was in championship contention right up until the final race. He will have learned a lot of lessons from 2010 and will come back stronger, more motivated and hungrier than ever.”

For the whole team the 20-race calendar is going to be tough work, with the highs, lows and excitement and surprise which are part of every Formula One season. Christian’s belief is that the foundations built in 2010 will stand Red Bull Racing in good stead: “As long as we can apply what we learned from 2010 and give it our best shot, the results will take care of themselves – as they did last year.”