It is definitely still too early to start evaluating its performance level, but the F150th Italia is proving to be a tough car. 217 laps were completed by Felipe Massa on the first two days of this second test session in the run up to the start of the Formula 1 World Championship and now Fernando Alonso has added a further 131, taking the total number of kilometres past the 1500 mark. The Spaniard said he was pleased with the work done today, centred on evaluating the Pirelli tyres and a long distance run. “It is very important to be able to do so many kilometres one after the other, without experiencing any problems,” Fernando told “It means we can pick up a lot of data which is useful especially when it comes to understanding the tyre behaviour, which is the biggest unknown at this test. I already said it in Valencia and I repeat it now: we must not think about what the others are doing, in terms of times. It is better to focus on our own efforts and then we can see where we are in Bahrain in a month’s time.”

Today, Fernando wore a helmet specially dedicated to Robert Kubica. “I am delighted that Robert’s condition is evolving in a positive way, with every passing day,” said the Spanish driver. “Now he will need a lot of patience, but the most important thing is he is getting better.”