Patrick Head, Director of Engineering

That was a normal Friday; we ran through a number of options, some of which proved beneficial for us. Nico did a good long run on tanks so we’re happy we’ve done our homework. I understand it could be wet tomorrow so that could make things interesting for everyone.

 Rubens Barrichello

Today went ok. We worked through everything we needed to and tried out various combinations. We need to make some improvements and get everything working for tomorrow as I don’t think the car was any faster in the afternoon’s session. Typically for Brazil, it’s looking like it could be wet tomorrow so we have to prepare for that.

 Nico Hulkenberg

It looks very competitive out there this weekend so I think it could be quite a difficult task to get into the top ten tomorrow. Personally, I didn’t get a very clear run on the option on low fuel today but everything else went well. We still have to improve the car ahead of qualifying so we have work to do.