First Practice Session: Position: 1, Best Time: 1:42.760, Laps: 18, Chassis No. 5

Second Practice Session: Position: 2, Best Time: 1:41.145, Laps: 28, Chassis No. 5

“That wasn’t bad, the car felt strong early afternoon, although tonight it was a bit different due to the conditions. All in all I was pretty happy, I think there is some lap time still to gain – so we will analyse things now and hopefully pick up some pace tomorrow. As expected, the McLaren was quick today, Ferrari is up there and the Renault isn’t looking too bad either so we will see what we can do.”


 First Practice Session: Position: 4, Best Time: 1:43.840, Laps: 19, Chassis No. 6

Second Practice Session: Position: 4, Best Time 1:41.315, Laps: 29, Chassis No. 6

“That was a good day; we had an engine change in between the two sessions, which was planned. It was the usual suspects up at the front today and Fernando, Seb and I were pretty much on similar

times. The car is close to what we had in Brazil, it’s hard to develop a car which is pretty solid already. It feels a bit like we’re in Bahrain here in terms of the engineers’ office and in the car it feels like a normal weekend, but obviously there’s a lot more at stake – that’s the only thing that’s changed, but you can’t try any harder.”

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