1st Practice P1, Best Time: 1:12.328, Laps: 23,

2nd Practice P1,Best Time: 1:11.968, Laps: 28

“I think it was pretty good today – of course it’s not the most important thing to be at the top of the timing list today, it’s more important tomorrow and Sunday – but it’s a good start. The car feels alright, I’m not one hundred percent happy with the balance and think we can improve it, but it’s looking okay. I think it’s likely to rain tomorrow.”




1st Practice P2, Best Time: 1:12.810, Laps: 28,

2nd Practice P2, Best Time 1:12.072, Laps: 34 

“It was a good Friday and we got through everything we wanted. Obviously the track was in a good condition from the outset, so we were able to get down to work. Conditions were good and we made the most of it. We’re not too sure what will happen weather-wise, but we’re pretty quick and the car works well in all conditions, so we should be set for a good result.”

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