The grand finale to the UK’s motorsport season, Race Car Live! returns to Brands Hatch on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November and for the first time in its six-year history its expanding to include Rally, Karting and 4×4 action.

Organiser Philip Bunn explains: “The very nature of Brands Hatch means that we can showcase the various disciplines of competitive motorsport through live action while promoting the diverse range of clubs in operation. The show is open to all levels of enthusiasts from armchair racers to regular race goers but mainly caters for those directly involved in motorsport as a driver, team member, race series organiser, etc.”

Whilst Race Car Live! provide those involved in motorsport an opportunity to access everything they need for the new season in terms of race craft, supplies and series formulas information it also provides the race enthusiast with the opportunity to take a seat alongside some of the UK’s finest racing drivers as they put vehicles through their paces on the famous Indy Circuit. There’s also a motorsport exhibition featuring classic racing cars together with a ‘race cars for sale’ section.

Rally Live features some of the most successful and powerful Rally cars through the ages. Steered by professional drivers they’ll be an opportunity for passenger rides.

4×4 owners can put their own vehicle through its paces. Just book your entrance ticket in advance from and reserve your space on arrival at the venue. There will be pro-drivers to give advice and you’ll even get your vehicle washed afterwards.

Highlights at Kart Live include demonstrations on the Indy Circuit from the British Superkart Association with over 30 ‘pocket rocket’ karts, some reaching top speeds of 150mph!