The rugged Bowler EXR Nemesis will roar into action at this year’s Race Car Live!, held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November at Brand Hatch.

Already well known for its rally raid vehicle, Bowler Off-Road will showcase its new extreme sports car, heavily defined by its motorsport heritage but with the restrictions lifted to create an adrenalin fuelled ride both on and off road.

EXR is available with a massive five litre supercharged V8 engine with a peak power of 600BHP or the more ‘subdued’ three litre TDV6, with 291BHP. With a composite body and spaceframe chassis, the EXR has a six-speed automatic transmission (paddle shift), double wishbone independent suspension, and both front and rear roll bars.

The prototype EXR will put the Brands Hatch Indy circuit through its paces, with those interested in finding out more about the vehicle invited to experience the EXR as a passenger. Meanwhile the Nemesis will also be in action throughout the weekend.

The Nemesis is a full blown desert racer designed to cope with the harshest circuits that the World Off Road Rally has on offer and has been used to successfully compete in the Dakar Rally. With 4.4, 4.2 and 4 litre V8 engined versions, the Nemesis was derived from the experience gained in the development if Bowler’s Wildcat off road race car, now owned by Qt Services.

Since taking on the production of the car in 2007, the Qt team have developed a complete range of Wildcats that are all road legal and will also be in action at the show.